Sunday, February 04, 2007

Who took my gift

The dolls found the wonderful gift I received few days ago from threegreenapples.

The redhead crochet doll took the sunglasses SafeSpex.

The magnetized dogs took the great cuff which I wanted to use as pin cushion cuff.
They didn't know how to use it.

They thought maybe the flapper doll will have an idea.

She hadn't.

But they really wanted to play,

so they help her to take her coat off.

and put the cuff on her hand.

It was too big to her hand and fell exactly on the dog nose.

The redhead crochet doll saw it and thought that maybe the flapper doll prefer her SafeSpex.

The girls were thinking how to use it and the dogs took the cuff together in order to bring it back to me.

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