Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tropical crocheting

New doll is been crocheted,
I put this old blanket at the top of a blankets stack,
which I used to put on the floor every night in front of the TV and very close to the blow heater.
Lately I don't take it of at the morning, it became a perfect tropical work space,
Mainly for crocheting.

This is my best crochet pencil case.

The elephant pin cushion integrating very well on this blanket.
I have this elephant at least 7 years, I didn't made him.
It's from McDonald’s surprises, I got it from one of my flat mates, in return for some beautiful chop sticks that I used to hold my hair with.
It seemed worthless then, but she beged me so much so I had no choice.
I guess she lost the chop sticks or cut her hair by now, but the elephant is yet extremely useful in spite all of the needles and pins that prick him every day.

The crochet guy is coming soon.

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saloia said...

i like Crochet anarchist and this story