Friday, February 16, 2007

Slippers week

Etsy kindly published my slippers as one of the feature items last Sunday,
it was there only for few hours but I received more orders then I used to.
Sewing these slippers is not fun as the dolls making.
I sew it with my industrial sewing machine, which easily sew the foamed plastic soles. it’s even don't take too much of work, approximatlly two or three hours.
When I finishing this part I have to sit down, and hand sewing all the stuff I can’t sew with the machine, it's mainly the white crochet thread and the studs.
I can hardly stand sewing the crochet thread but when I have to sew the studs I want to tear my head hairs out.
Yes I know I know I can use the studs machine and look for other solutions for sewing the thread.
I thought about it but then they wouldn't be the same as my doll shoes.
It's already Friday today, and after sewing four pairs of them, I can make them faster. and I yet have few hairs on my head and new crochet doll on the needle waiting to be done next week.
*After all you are yet invited to order them from my etsy store

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dqb said...

love your work!