Saturday, January 06, 2007

Freezing dog and yellow coat.

It is so raining here at the last two days, not mentioning the cold, well at least it's become perfect weather for a new dressed up creature.I found this yellow drill fabric a while ago it is so yellow and so different from my neutral colors choices, so it had to wait fabrics box till I found something to do with.It was also complicated to match the other colors which I embodied on.At the beginning I made only the orange, and it looks boring and old so I added the red and the light orange pieces then added more stitches in red, the poor dog was already done at these time and was waiting to his coat freezing to death.After long hours of sewing it was finally wearable, and I was so glad to dress him up, so I forgot to sew buttons. Actually I didn't forgot I just assumed that the snaps are good enough, But he saw these white glass beads at my desk and thought they would be perfect for his new coat, I couldn’t refuse to that.

*The dog is noe avaliable at my store.

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