Friday, November 03, 2006

Sketches and dolls thoughts

My three new brooches are done,
I hang them near my new sketches.
I yet don't know for what I am going to use them.
When I feel too confused I make a decision to sit down and make sketches for new projects,
most of the times the ideas that I have at mind become completely different when I am drawing it and much more different when I crochet or sew them.

I am working by my own. I don't have any boss or costumers that tell me what to do or give me a dead lines.
It’s almost one year and I already know that most of creations find someone that love them and want them.
I don’t have any system, I guess if I would develop one I will lose the interest in my dolls.
It's all completely different way of work from what I studied at fashion school or how I was educated.

Meanwhile when I type my thoughts the new doll is growing up behind of my back.

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Anonymous said...

We love the painted face, Neta. It rocks.

mirjam said...

יפה מאד