Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Creating heavy doll

There is few projects that I have to carry with at the same time, it makes me a bit confused,
and doesn't leave enough time for writing .

The painted lady is yet waiting, she will have to wait longer to her clothes.
Here is one of the most chalenging customized doll that I have recieved:

It should be a baby in natural size and weight .
The marbles is for the weight, I inserted them into a fabric tubes.

Then scrolled it according the draw.

I glued and sewed all of the scroll and tube together in order to get heavy construction.

The next step was covering the construction with foam, Acrilan and fabric.
He is 60cm and 3.80 kilograms.
Hopefully he will be done tomorrow, Then I have to make a grown up brother for him.
Which is going to be 9.5 kilos.

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arlee said...

Interesting technique for the "innards"--very inventive!