Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Here she is.

I received this photo as a reference to the new costumed doll.
The instruction was light skinned African American with bright clothes and curly hair.
I always like these costumed work, although it's difficult at the beginning,
It's make me the opportunity to design the dolls at a ways I would never think about by myself.
I use this lurex cloth for her shirt, my dolls are usually wear only 100% cotton modest dress.
The sandals were also specially made for her, by using quality and bright silk satin, which I used also for the bag.
The jacket is crochet work with combination of two threads that make it look more floppy.
For creating the curly hair I crocheted cotton threads, washed and dried, ironed with steam and at the end unpicked it, and get a stack of curls that I had to sew into the head.

Well now I have to make another one.


Anonymous said...

inSANELY good.

Lina said...

She's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Black is Beautiful in all skin tones

Anonymous said...

Hello i am interested in buying some of your beautiful doll designs they are beautiful and i would like to know your business web site so i can order some for my niece she loves to collect them as a hobby , your designs are amazing thank you for shareing your beautiful mastepieces for the world can see