Saturday, September 16, 2006

The crafty dogs and stupid mistake

Last week I had to finish some sketches to a commercials doll that some business women asked me to make.
I signed on confidence agreement so I can’t post more about it meanwhile.
It's took me much more time then it supposed to, and make me very nervous.
At the same time I also began to make costumed doll for Danielle.
This morning before I began to detailed her I read again her instructions.
Just to make sure that I remember what she asked for,
Then I found out that all my efforts were for nothing.
She asked for another dark skin doll and it was very clear written.
I feel so awful not just I am already at a delay now I have to began again.
The crafty dogs arrive to help and to cheer me up.
The light skin doll will have to waite again a little while to her identity.

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