Sunday, August 20, 2006

The mess desk

There is so much mess on it, this morning
it just reminded me that once I worked at a studio of some jewelry designer,
and I was always were criticized about the mess at my table by the other assistances who worked there,
This morning when I woke up I was satisfied to find all of that stuffs and mess and to know that there is no one who would tell me that it's impossible to work that way.

I began new series of robotic creatures.
I already posted the dog and the cat at there robotic suits.
As you can see they are always look for a new gadgets to improve their appearance and abilities

This is the girl at the background, I made this doll at my last year of the fashion design college (3 years ago),
It was an exercise of creating self portrait.
It was my first crochet dolls.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have always found it impossible to work any other way. If I clean up I will lose track of what I'm doing. Leave it all to the end, I say.

That last doll is wild.