Friday, April 07, 2006

Rina doll

The woman at the photo behind the doll is Rina.
My friend Neta wanted to give her one of my dolls to her birthday.
It was short while after I finished Lisa And I wanted to know if I can make another doll that will look like someone.

Rina is Yossi's (the one at the left) sister, he was Neta's boyfriend. He had cancer.
He died last November.
Neta used to talk about the cancer as if it was a flu.
We were sure that he will recover in a few week or at the worst case months.I met Rina two months before his death. she had to take something from their apartment while they were at the hospital and I had the extra key.
I remember that meeting because, she told me then that the cancer is in a situation that it can't be withhold anymore.
I preferred the way Neta used to talk about the illness, but the next time I saw Rina, it was at the hospital at his last day.


stuffed said...

Rina is extremely cool. So sorry about Yossi.

3 Gatos Miaus said...

Lovely... Very cute!!!

saloia said...

a beautiful present. maybe Yossi has met my aunt..:) he is lovely and so was aunt

saloia said...

Dear Neta,
My aunt died of breast cancer at age 36, my age now. This was 1990. She was a beautiful soul who when I was 9 years or 10 (around 1979) signed me up for a gym because I was always a fatty! :)) She bought me a green plastic tote bag with big red flowers. She filled the bag with everything I needed to go with her to the gym!
I miss her and my uncle who died 4 years ago.
hugs to Rina

saloia said...

..and Neta too

Netamir said...

Thank you very much all.
Thank you so very much saloia.
Hugs to you too,
I will send to Neta and Rina your comments.