Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One get a jacke, the other get the teeth

New couple of cloth dog I made this week, one get a jacket and the other get the teeth, soon they will have more friends, I would have to think what they should get.


nico said...

hi i saw you on flickr- i love everthing i see. can we be blog friends? ill your link...

Netamir said...

By pleasure,
I really like blogs friends.
I like your bags.

nico said...

hi neta- oh hey. . i guess you found it!
just read your mail now. . i love your dogs. . i feel so uncreative beside yours- hehe. .
most dolls i make i just use a pattern- usually not mine. . eh. .

i cant believe their cute jackets too. you are a fashion designer for sure- they are so cool. .