Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My new dressed dog having fun with the winter worm.
The crochet creature come to see what's up.

He brought something to the worm, I have no idea what it was but probably he fell a bit jealous that they have fun together while he was just sitting on his chair thinking his crocheties thoughts.
He tried to give his tiny present to the worm,
but then the dog didn't like much the idea so he threw it away.

The worm was really curious to find it, so she get down from the dog head.

The dog thought they are not fun any more so he went away.

The worm and the crochet creature were left alone, but yet couldn't find the gift.

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saloia said...

well these things happen when there are many creatures in one household...all want attentiona and special treatment but there is always enought love to go around! :D I love your "doll stories" you have a beautiful heart, Neta.