Monday, January 30, 2006

Home scene

I make some new dressed dog for invitation I received,
It's the first time I multiply them.
It took almost four days of working, cutting fabrics, sewing, embroidery etc...
at the end I almost couldn’t stand them any more, they seem ugly and though that the work I did is woeful,
I was so obsessed with all of the details, that I couldn’t saw the all pictures.
I just want them to go out.
Few days later I fell much better about them, while I am not looking on them with a microscope.
I left one of them with me, my favorite one, for a while (he is listed at

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saloia said...

Isn´t it funny , sometimes I feel like that about my dolls too. After the intense period I spend time bringing them to life I think they are ugly (poor things) but then they are the closest thing to my heart???? thank you for sharing your thoughts I thought I was crazy haha